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The guy with the binoculars in the header image is actually me. I don’t make a habit of dressing in lime green and it was a picture taken for the corporate brand guidelines of a company I worked for back in the 90s. It was used to represent the ‘Our Vision’ section and also appeared on the company website occasionally. It really represents the pinnacle of my modelling career which has gone downhill ever since 😉

A bit more insight into my real career can be found here…

Anyway, I felt it was an appropriate image for the title of this blog – 2020 Visions and as the tagline suggests, my ramblings here are really a way of imagining what sort of world I will be living out the rest of my life in but, more importantly, what sort of world my two children will inherit.

Why 2020 Visions?

The year 2020 just sounds significant and there is the obvious word association with looking into the distance. This timescale is somewhat imaginable and having been through two decades of adult life in the workplace and in relationships I feel I have some benchmarks and experiences by which to assess how and where life may go over the next ten years. By 2020 both my children will be adults and starting that daunting process of making their own way in the world. It is them who will be facing the legacy of what my generation and those before have created during the 20th Century and by 2020 I get the sense that much more will be known about the challenges and opportunities they will face during the remainder of the 21st Century.

2012familypicYou can see from the date of the first post that this blog started life as an idea a few years ago but it somehow seemed a bit premature to start thinking about what life would be like in 2020. I was also busy blogging elsewhere in corporate environments so didn’t really have the time or inclination to give this idea much thought.

family15The tumultuous global events over the last 12 months seem to make kick-starting this blog idea much more relevant at this point. It’s main aim is really to help see a way through some of the complexity the human race seems to be facing right now. If nothing else it is a sounding board for some of my learning and thoughts and if it helps me advise my children on routes forward as they reach adulthood then it will have served some useful purpose.

1st January 2009

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