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Green Nation – Free Solar Panel offers in South West UK – Greater freedom for the rest of us

August 30, 2014

This is a big shout out for a fantastic renewable energy company in the South West UK who are doing wonderful things with solar energy.

Established in 2011, Green Nation is developing solar farms of increasing size and helping public, commercial and private residences to maximise the benefits of solar power.

gn_com_home_pics2This is the type of organisation that is quietly making a big difference to some of the challenges we are facing today and on a blog related to imagining the world my children will inherit I have no hesitation in advocating and promoting their offerings.

Aside from being founded and run by people who are passionate about the transformative capabilities of technology, they already have many happy commercial and residential customers who are seeing the tangible and realistic benefits of installing the latest generation of solar panels.

Regular followers of this blog will know my admiration for the call to action campaign One Hundred Months and its excellent monthly updates which are a healthy mix of eye-opening climate science, political skepticism and technological optimisim.

As the counter clicked down to 29 at the beginning of this month, now well under the half way point in this credible and insightful action timeline, the concise and useful 5 point communication contained an excellent article documenting progress that is being made to combat our dangerous addiction to fossil fuels. Titled  10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change point number 3 contains this encouraging comment …

According to the authoritative IEA thinktank, the price of installing photovoltaic (solar electricity) systems dropped by two thirds over the past six years. The resulting solar explosion has generated a “prosumer” market, in which the owners of homes and businesses are taking ownership of a growing proportion of the energy supply.

An associated article titled UK and Germany break solar power records emphasised how things are moving forward with solar energy generation in very positive ways this summer…

Germany generated over half its electricity demand from solar for the first time ever on 9 June, and the UK, basking in the sunniest weather of summer during the longest days of the year, nearly doubled its 2013 peak solar power output at the solstice weekend.

So plenty of positive reasons for joining the solar power revolution and for those who are possibly not so enthusiastic about the advances in renewable energy sources, there was an excellent piece by Caitlin Moran in last week’s Times Magazine expressing her love of wind turbines and solar farms. Commenting on visual impact she makes an excellent point …

The British countryside is all a confection of man … We have always done with the land what we want, and need, to survive and is there anything right now we want, or need, more than these white, humming windmills across our hills and beside our roads, giving us not just our power, but our freedom?

She goes on to describe how the UK’s energy supply rests on careful diplomatic negotiations with nations and in circumstances that are dominating the news these days such as the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East and says …

the potential for Britain to do good in the world in horribly compromised. We cannot speak freely – we cannot be wholly moral – when we know that unwelcome honesty might result in the streetlights going off, our cities going dark in winter

Personally I am in full agreement with her final comments in praise of renewable energy efforts …

So that’s why I love wind turbines and their cousins – those fields full of solar panels basking, like lizards, in the sun. It’s not just that they’re nerdy inventions, rigged up to catch the explosive energy that has been swirling around us since the Big Bang. It’s that they will allow us to be better people, too.

Companies like Green Nation therefore are not only offering the benefits of solar power through free panel offers in the UK south west but helping to guarantee greater freedom for the rest of us. For that they should be applauded and supported wholeheartedly …

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